Squirrel In Attic Columbus Ohio

Protecting Your Home From Pest Squirrels In Columbus, Ohio

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Squirrels are some of the most common pest animals around Columbus. If you are driving around the Columbus Ohio region, you will often see squirrels in trees or running around yards. Little do some people know, those same squirrels might attempt to chew a hole in their roof and build a nest in the attic. A squirrel hole in the roof can be easily identified if the wood appears to be rounded. Squirrels will usually chew through wood material to enter an attic, although they are plenty capable of chewing through siding and other roof material as well.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is here to help homeowners deal with squirrel infestation around Columbus. We’ve found the Dublin and Powell area in particular to be a hotspot for squirrels in the attic. Not only are Dublin and Powell hotspots, but we believe the squirrels have adapted to thrive in this region. For years homeowners have been getting squirrels in the attic around these areas. 

When you get squirrels in the attic of your Columbus home, they not only chew holes on the outside of your home, but they also will damage your attic insulation. Attic restoration is another common service we offer to homeowners with squirrels in the attic. This is to remove the squirrel feces and urine contaminated material from the attic. At times, only a spot cleaning service is necessary. Other times, the entire attic needs to be replaced. It all depends on how much damage the squirrels have inflicted on the attic insulation. 

Keeping squirrels out of your home and attic long-term is our goal. We want to be sure this never happens to your home again. Animal proofing is a service we can offer our clients in Columbus for squirrel control. Squirrel infestation is no fun to deal with, so we want to be sure you don’t have squirrel problems again by providing the animal proofing service. 

If you are in need of a squirrel removal service in Columbus, you’ve come to the right place.