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Groundhogs are one of the peskiest critters to find in your lawn or garden. The damage they cause can sometimes be severe unless we isolate the groundhog problem in an open area where they have dug tunneling systems. However, tunneling systems along the foundation of a home is a more severe problem, as it can sometimes offset the structure’s balance. Not only are these animals capable of digging thousands of pounds of dirt, but they also cause a sizable amount of destruction in the process. Furthermore, these vegetarians can make quick work of your garden, sampling all of your homegrown produce! When groundhogs invade your property, it’s vital to take a swift response. Doing so will eliminate further damages and stop these furry critters in their tracks. Call our Ohio Groundhog Removal experts today for a prompt response and fast groundhog control in Ohio.

Ohio Groundhog Removal
Once a groundhog lives on your property, you need a plan that includes trapping, repelling, and excluding. Call our Ohio Groundhog Removal specialists today.
Ohio Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs love fruits and vegetables and wreak havoc on gardens and flower beds.

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Groundhog Damage & Tunneling Systems

Groundhogs will dig underground tunnels up to 6 feet below the surface of your turf to create dens. These dens protect from predators, a location to hibernate, and a place to breed. Breeding starts in mid-February directly after hibernation and lasts until April. Then, pregnancy will last 31 – 33 days before a litter is born within the den. After being in the mother’s care for 6 to 8 weeks, the kits develop independence and leave the shelter to dig their own. According to the National Wildlife Federation, groundhogs dig up to 12 entrances, and each yard can have upwards of five dens. For you, this means a lot of turf damage!!

Our Ohio groundhog trappers take a humane approach to trapping and removing groundhogs. Once our trained and certified technician arrives on-site, you can expect a thorough investigation to determine which tunnels are active. After determining all entrances, our professionals decide on a strategic plan of action to start the process. Once placing up to four spring-loaded traps, you can expect a revisit your property at a later determined date.

Groundhog removal is one of the trickiest wildlife problems plaguing residential and commercial property owners in Ohio. Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, you can count on our professionals to get the job done right.

Ohio Groundhog Removal

This cement pad became unstable due to a groundhog burrowing under it, and taking up residence on this property.

Ohio Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs burrowed under this gazebo. Our Ohio Groundhog Removal experts built this deck barrier after trapping and removing the nuisance groundhogs.