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Ohio Attic Restoration / Cleanup – Insulation Removal & Replace

Attic Restoration is a very common service offered by wildlife control companies in Ohio. A fun fact is that insulation companies actually do not remove insulation, rather they only install and do cap-overs. “Cap-Overs” is the definition of simply blowing more insulation on top of your old. Obviously when wildlife critters destroy your attic, and leave their feces and urine everywhere, a cap-over isn’t a solution. Only wildlife businesses and very few other companies will carry the proper suction hose equipment and insulation vacuums to totally remediate and restore an attic space. We then offer decontamination of the attic, sanitation to rid odors, and insulation replacement services. Our branches here in Ohio are completely capable of offering the full-attic restoration service to homeowners with these kinds of problems. The affiliate companies we list will make sure to provide an attic with proper R-Value of insulation. Don’t get ripped off by some fly-by-night company trying to charge you a fortune for attic cleanup. Choose us.

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