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Attic cleanup and decontamination is a very common service offered by wildlife control companies in Ohio. An interesting fact is how Ohio insulation companies typically do not offer a service to remove insulation, rather they only re-install and do cap-overs. A “cap-over” is the process of simply blowing more insulation on top of the old insulation, without removing any of the former attic material. This works fine in many cases, but obviously when nuisance critters are involved with your attic, then a proper attic decontamination service is needed. When nuisance wildlife leaves feces and urine all over your insulation, a cap-over just isn’t going to cut it. The wildlife businesses linked below can offer a complete Ohio attic restoration and decontamination service. They offer to sanitize your attic, removing unwanted odors, and afterward provide insulation replacement services. Furthermore, our companies offer to blow in new high-grade insulation to meet standard R-Value requirements in the State of Ohio. If you want the best attic restoration service in Ohio, you’ve found it. Click on your city below to be forwarded to our local service provider.

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When animal droppings accumulate in your attic, the feces can develop bacteria and other harmful pathogens, which is a health concern. Additionally, in some situations, including raccoons in the attic; where the animals have proceeded to burrow through much of your home’s attic insulation, this activity can introduce insect pests and parasites into your attic insulation. With this in mind, it’s generally better to remove all the attic material instead of going with the spot-cleaning service, as described below. Furthermore, our Ohio attic cleanup and decontamination professionals may offer TAP insulation products, which we recommend because TAP is pest control insulation, and it can kill insects in your attic. Wildlife and attic services go hand-in-hand, which is why our recommended Ohio attic cleanup and decontamination professionals proudly offer these services to their clients.

Spot Cleaning Services

When wildlife droppings are confined to a smaller portion of your attic, a spot-cleaning service can be more affordable. However, spot cleaning does not reduce the possibility of an insect infestation, such as bat bugs (similar to bed bugs) fleas, and other parasites the animals may have been carrying in their fur. That said, droppings are obviously the more hazardous material, and should be addressed first. Lastly, spot cleaning of wildlife droppings may also apply to crawl spaces, underneath structures, or on the surface of structures without insulation Call one of our sponsored Attic Cleanup and Decontamination professionals today!

If you live in the Cincinnati area, check out our local service provider’s website and the comprehensive attic services they provide to their clients! The same is true with our other providers, but this is a good example! Cincinnati Attic Services By AWM