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Squirrels are one of the most common mammals in central Ohio. Ohio is home to 4 different species of squirrels. Eastern gray squirrels, Red Squirrels, Fox Squirrels, and Flying Squirrels are all familiar in the buckeye state. However, the eastern gray squirrel has adapted very well to urbanization. Recently, there has been an increase in population in this species around the Dublin, Hilliard, and Powell areas, causing concern for local homeowners. As these growing communities grow denser, squirrels are adapting rapidly to their new environment. Reports of roof, siding, and property damage from squirrels have been vastly increasing in these local areas.

Unfortunately, squirrels can be one of the most challenging animals to eradicate from your home or attic. They move in fast, vigorous motions to evade predators and escape dangerous situations. Because of these rapid movements, squirrels can be hard to trap. If you have a wildlife concern in your home or office, the experts at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions are here to help! Trained technicians will come to you and promptly jump into action. They utilize industry-leading, humane tactics to provide solutions for all of your wildlife concerns in the Dublin, Hilliard, and Powell areas.

These furry rodents have a knack for hiding and storing food. They often hide nuts or seeds in your attic, causing some rather strange sounds. When faced with a squirrel evasion, you may hear scratching, scurrying, or rolling noises in your walls or attic. However, a nuisance should be the least of your concerns. The front teeth of squirrels never stop growing hence why they are always chewing. For you, this can mean costly repairs and potentially a fire hazard. Squirrels commonly chew through wiring, siding, insulation, and wood. This activity quickly wreaks havoc in your central Ohio home.

Another issue arises as squirrels defecate in your attic or crawlspace. Feces will leave a scent that is sensed by other animals and may draw them into the area. Plus, squirrels are known to harbor vector-borne diseases. Salmonellosis is the most common disease found in squirrels. Exposure from infected insolation or direct contact may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and chills. This concern is why squirrel dropping cleanup is so crucial. Squirrel droppings cleanup in the Dublin, Hilliard, and Powell areas is another service offered. Let our trained technicians come in, and take care of this for you.

The professionals at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions are fully licensed and insured in the state of Ohio. When looking for a local wildlife removal company around the Dublin, Hilliard, and Powell areas, look no further. With an A+ rating with the better business bureau, you can rest easy and count on our experts when you need them.