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Striped Skunk is common in all 88 counties in Ohio, including Cincinnati. Striped skunks are primarily active at night, feeding on worms, insects, small mammals, fruit, and human trash. Raccoons often take the blame for torn trash bags, but you may be dealing with a skunk. Skunks are gentle animals and pose little harm in their natural environment. They act as a free pest service, eating insects, mice, and small rats. However, when skunks find themselves under your home, or in your crawlspace, this can become a stinky disaster. If you suspect a skunk, it’s imperative that you take fast action. Varment Guard Wildlife Services will quickly assess the situation and provide humane solutions to all of your wildlife concerns in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

We also service Norwood, Finneytown, Reading, Fort Thomas, Covington, Sharonville, Montgomery, White Oak, Northbrook, and surrounding areas. Call us today, to set up an inspection. Using industry-leading tactics, we provide professional skunk removal and relocation services In Cincinnati, Ohio.

Skunks enjoy living in dens, which is why they are naturally attracted to your home or crawlspace. Skunks often take fort under your house to reap warmth and safety from predators. This issue escalates during the mating season. In Cincinnati, Ohio, this starts in February and ends in late March. Skunks are on high alert and have more activity during this time. Mothers are looking for places to have birth, and raise their young. Your home provides safety from other mammals that skunks are seeking. The young are nursed in the den for 2 months, before making trips outside of the den with their mom. Once a skunk, or family has made a den under your dwelling, the smell will attract other nearby skunks. Taking swift action is important to prevent more furry friends from visiting. Varment Guard Wildlife Services in Cincinnati, Ohio will come to you, and provide rapid response.

Skunks are also one of the top carriers of rabies in the Midwest. Skunks can contract this deadly virus and not show any symptoms for up to 6 months. Plus, skunks can carry, roundworms, tapeworms, distemper, canine hepatitis, Q-fever, and tularemia. You should keep house pets under close watch to avoid interaction, as they are at higher risk of contraction.

When dealing with skunks, it’s important to hire the right wildlife removal company for the job. With over 12 years of experience and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can count on Varment Guard Wildlife Services. We use proven industry-leading tactics for skunk removal in Cincinnati, Ohio – so don’t hesitate to call!


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