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Full-Home Animal Proofing – Bats & Rodents

“Animal Proofing” is the process of sealing every little crack on a home to keep the offending pests out. This does not work for animals that are capable of opening an entry point on a home by themselves, only for certain species such as mice, bats, flying squirrels, and rats.

Animal proofing involves sealing exposed construction flaws that critters can squeeze through, not Animal Damage Repair. This is a service that our Ohio wildlife control company can offer to anyone needing help with rodents or bats.

Bat Proofing

This service entails sealing gaps mainly along the roofline, because bats will generally come into a house from higher up. Bat proofing is more expensive than for other animals, because sealing gaps on the roof involves ladder work & different kinds of risk depending on the house. Bat proofing is done in conjunction with bat exclusion – where the bats are allowed to leave the home unharmed with 1-way bat cones.

Rodent Proofing

Most rodent proofing jobs tend to be done along foundations. Wherever utilities are going into the home, those are always sealed during rodent proofing. Corners are also a main area where mice and rats can access a home, along with under garage doors. When rodents are getting into the garage we install a product for a rodent guard under the garage doors.

Every once in a while, we might deal with deer mice or roof rats. These species can climb onto the roof of a home and get in from higher up as well, just like bats. These situations will call for sealing foundations AND the roof, which is totally necessary with these 2 critters.

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