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Looking for an Ohio Critter Removal service? You’ve come to the right place! Ohio critter removal is essential to keep your property safe from potential damages. Our professionals can offer a service known as “Critter Proofing” which is essentially the same process as critter trapping, but just a tad different in the sense we are not necessarily trapping the animals, but rather we are sealing gaps on a home to prevent smaller wildlife intruders from re-entry. The process of sealing every possible entrance/gap on a home to keep pests outside is very important. Our professional Ohio critter removal providers can help you resolve these kinds of problems using guaranteed services. Keeping critters and other wildlife out of your home is essential, call one of our licensed & insured experts today!

In addition to Ohio animal trapping, our experts can also offer Attic Cleanup services when animals make a mess of your attic. 

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Bat Proofing

This service entails sealing gaps mainly along the roofline and roof junctions, because bats will generally come into a house from 8ft or higher on the structure. Generally bats do not create entry points along foundations, but have been known to crawl inside walls of the house and enter the basement from the attic. Generally, the attic is the most sought after location for bats, because of the warmth and shelter it provides them throughout the wintertime in the Buckeye State. Bat proofing is done in conjunction with bat removal – where the bats are allowed to leave the home unharmed with 1-way bat cones.

Need bat removal? Our Ohio critter removal professionals have you covered! 


Rodent Proofing

Most rodent proofing jobs tend to be done along foundations. Wherever utilities are going into the home, those are always sealed during rodent proofing services. Our Ohio critter removal professionals know the detailed process required to offer rodent proofing services. Select your city below to get connected with our top-rated Ohio critter removal experts!  

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