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Squirrel trapping and removal is a very common service offered by our Ohio squirrel removal companies. Finding a professional squirrel removal company is important to ensure a job well done. Ohio Squirrel removal services are executed by installing squirrel trapping techniques near the entry site on the home where the nuisance squirrels are accessing an attic… Once captured, our Ohio squirrel trapper will make separate trips to pickup caged animals.

Furthermore, our providers can also offer Attic Cleanup when squirrels make a mess of your attic. Squirrel droppings and urine may be absorbed into your insulation, causing nasty odors. Our Ohio squirrel removal professionals offer to remediate the contaminated material, sanitize your attic, and put new insulation down. Click on your city at the bottom of this page to be forwarded to the best Ohio squirrel removal and cleanup professionals. Satisfaction is guaranteed with all of our operators! 

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If you see Eastern Gray Squirrels on your roof or buildings, it’s some cause for concern. Squirrels will likely chew holes to get inside your attic, eventually! When this happens, time to call a professional Ohio squirrel removal professional!

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Southern Flying Squirrels create havoc if they get into the wall or attic of your home. We’ve seen as many as 25 of them in a single colony in an Ohio attic!

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Generally, squirrel traps are set closest to the point of entry the squirrels are utilizing to gain access into your attic.  

A concern sometimes expressed by consumers is the number of squirrels that will be caught and removed. After all, you don’t want to be paying a per-animal fee for every squirrel that lives in your neighborhood! That could get expensive… But, not to worry, our recommended Ohio squirrel removal professionals will set up traps in a specific way that will generally only capture the target squirrels causing the damage. If the circumstances allow, a one-way funnel trap can also be installed over the squirrel’s primary entry point. The funnel trap will be able to catch multiple squirrels at a time, and so it can solve the problem quickly in many circumstances.

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The cranky and territorial American Red Squirrel roams throughout Ohio. If you have any squirrel problems, call our Ohio Squirrel Removal experts.

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The Eastern Fox Squirrel travels throughout Ohio and is the largest of all the Ohio squirrels.