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Varment Guard Wildlife Services(VGWS) is a professional, full-service wildlife control company offering wildlife removal services in Cincinnati, as well as the rest of Hamilton County, Ohio. Keeping your homes protected from unwanted wildlife is the specialty of our Cincinnati wildlife trappers. Damages caused by wildlife pests can sometimes be severe, in which case our affiliates at VGWS can offer Animal Damage Repairs and also Attic Cleanup.

Animal Damage Repairs and Attic Cleanup/Restoration Services Cincinnati, Ohio

Wildlife animals are capable of causing all kinds of damages to our homes and businesses when the problems go unaddressed. There can be hazardous consequences when wild animals damage electrical wiring and destroy insulation. These repairs are not only expensive but require professional hands to fix.  Wildlife animals can also bring parasites, fleas, rabies, and other diseases into your property. When an animal carries rabies into your space, this can become a dangerous situation.

Cleaning up droppings also requires extreme precautions. Baylisascaris Procyonis is a deadly parasite, that can have fatal consequences if contracted in humans.  Droppings cleanup in Cincinnati, Ohio is another service we offer.

If you have active wildlife in your attic or need of droppings cleanup services in Cincinnati, Ohio we are here to help. Call Varment Guard Wildlife Services today, and schedule an inspection.  Our professionals will come in with a proven strategy, and tackle all of your wildlife concerns.

We also provide the following services

Animal Damage Repairs, Deck And Patio Trenching Work, Attic Cleanup And Restoration, Wildlife Droppings/Feces Removal, and Ridge-Guard Installation To Protect Your Peaks

Specializing In Raccoons, Bats, Birds, & Squirrels – Attic Infestations

Cincinnati Raccoon Removal From Attics, Ceiling, Walls, & More

Raccoons can be very destructive. The most important thing when dealing with a raccoon infestation is removing them in a timely manner. When raccoons invade an attic space they often leave droppings and contaminate the insulation with urine and feces. Usually, live cage traps must be set in order to capture and remove raccoons from a property. Call us now for raccoon removal and droppings cleanup services.

Photo: Raccoons in backyard for Varment Guard Wildlife Services Cincinnati Wildlife Animal Removal page

Cincinnati Bat Removal From Attics, Homes, Apartment Buildings, and Residential Properties

The main problem with bats is the odors caused by their guano & urine. When bats invade a building, they are looking for a safe place to live. Another concern is when bats show up inside the living quarters of a home. This indicates a larger infestation problem in the attic or soffits. Call us for Cincinnati bat control and remediation of bat guano and urine from your structure. 

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Cincinnati Bird Removal From Vents, Duct Work, Gable Ends, & More

Pest birds come in many species. The most common issue we are called about are birds inside dryer vents in the springtime. Sparrows and Starlings will also infest attic spaces and build nests in order to raise young. We also offer bird nest cleanup and remediation of bird droppings/poop/feces. Call us for Residential & Commercial bird control service in Cincinnati.

Photo: Birds on roof for for Varment Guard Wildlife Services Cincinnati Wildlife Animal Removal page

Cincinnati Squirrel Removal & Control – Ridding Squirrels From Attics, Walls, Roof, & More

Squirrels are constantly chewing on things – including our homes! Squirrels will chew holes into your house & attic until it looks like a block of swiss cheese! Not literally, but you get the meaning. Dealing with squirrel infestation requires professional equipment to get the job done quickly. One-way traps can be set over the entry and exit points the squirrels use and we capture them.

Photo: Flying Squirrel On Tree at the Cincinnati Wildlife Animal Removal web page