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Moles are one of the most destructive lawn pests you can find on your property. As these mammals construct an underground tunneling system through your yard, the unexpected amounts of lawn damage can sometimes result in expensive repairs from your landscaping company. Don’t underestimate these furry diggers and call one of our Ohio mole trappers. We aim to stop these critters before further root damage has occurred. If you have spotted cone-shaped mounds around your home or office, you are likely dealing with a mole invasion. Thankfully, our Ohio mole removal specialists are here to help and provide quality solutions. Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, our experts use leading technology to tackle mole problems in the yard. Contact our Ohio mole exterminators today for all your mole trapping needs.

Moles dig their tunnels around 10 inches underground, out of the sight of predators. This intricate system grows extensive as these furry mammals dig over 100 feet per day on the hunt for food! Moles feed on grubs, small insects, and soil organisms within your lawn. These powerful diggers have explosive energy and are always on the quest for their next meal. Moles maintain these high energy reserves by sleeping for a while, followed by working in 4-hour shifts around the clock.

For you, this means extended damage to your root structure in a short amount of time. As this activity continues, you may notice your grass turning brown and unsightly. Large molehills will also be forming in your yard, which size and shape can resemble a pile of horse manure. That said, it’s just a bunch of dirt dug up by these damaging lawn pests. Our mole pest control experts can put a stop to this damage professionally!

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Moles live underground and eat insects rather than plants in your garden. However, mole tunnels can also destroy gardens and cause root damage, which can harm or kill trees & plants you may have.

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If you need perspective on the size of a mole mound here you go. In this instance, we have an exceptionally large molehill. As the mole problem persists, more and more of these mounds will show up.

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Mole Trapping Demands Training, Knowledge and Real World Experience

Finding the right mole removal company is crucial to your success. Moles move fast and will avoid detection at all costs. When dealing with these pesky intruders, it’s common to find multiple tunnel runs within a small area of turf. Our trained professionals can help identify which tunnels are active and quickly develop a personalized strategy employing effective, humane tactics. Our Ohio lawn mole removal professionals service residential and commercial properties throughout the Buckeye State. Don’t let moles ruin your yard; call our Ohio mole removal experts today and take back control of your turf.

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Moles’ vision is near-sighted, and often skin covers their eyes. But, mole experts now know that moles’ eyes are better than thought, and they see light when their eyes are shut or covered with skin.

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Mole sizes range from 4 to 8 inches long, including their tail. Moles weigh very little, generally 2 to 5 ounces. Amazing that such a small creature can do so much damage to a lawn!