Ohio Wildlife Control Bee Hive Extraction

State of Ohio Wildlife Removal Services – Bee Hive Extraction

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Bee Hive Extraction

Many Ohio wildlife control companies will offer bee hive extraction services. This does not include removing bees using pesticides, but through live-extraction and moving the bee hive to another location. This would only be done for honey bees. It’s good to save the Honey Bees for conservation purposes and collecting the delicious honey from their combs. Although Honey Bees are not endangered by any means, not good to exterminate them.

Extermination of honey bees is lawful only under the circumstances when the bees are nesting in a cavity of a building and causing a great disruption for the tenants living there. It is not uncommon for homeowners to get a honey bee swarm living in a wall void, around a chimney, or just an inconvenient location in general; where the possibility of being stung can exist. If at all possible, the bees should be live removed. If chemicals are used to treat the nest, not only will all the bees die and create a horrible odor, but the honey from their nests will also ferment and leak out of the combs, causing severe damage to the interior walls or whatever the case may be. Call one of our Ohio branches to inquire about honey bee hive extraction and relocation. All bee hive extraction projects should only be attempted by a trained professional.