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Tree Trimming – A Circumstantial Application – But It Can Help

Ohio Tree Trimming is a preventative maintenance service that helps ensure wildlife critters can’t get onto the rooftop. Spring’s arrival means it is time to think about the possibility of pest infestation, and then do what you can to prevent it. It’s good to maintain your residence, especially all of the overgrowth and decay that last summer & fall left behind. Regarding the trees and large bushes on your property, it’s a good thought to get those cut down to size. Our company is all about prevention, and if we think cutting some branches is a good application for prevention, then we will offer it.

Trees will grow in Ohio’s winter months, although at a reduced rate, the branches may have made it over your roof. These overhanging limbs are like a busy highway for pest animals such as squirrels, mice, and raccoons to get to your roof. From the roof, they can rip or chew a hole directly into your peaceful home. Tree trimming however does not solve everything, and definitely does not guarantee you won’t have any critters getting onto your roof… There are many times where it actually has no affect at all, so we will not even offer the service depending on the situation. But it’s a good measure to take when it’s a straight forward enough thing that needs to be done… After all, we are not professionals at tree removal, but pest control.

Sometimes Tree Trimming Is Pointless Because Of: Power Lines, Wood Siding, Raccoons, & Other Applications.

There are many other viable ways to prevent pest animals from getting into your home, with exclusion and animal-proofing being a couple of those preventative means. Tree trimming does not guarantee you aren’t going to have problems. It’s just 1 of many things that can be applied in conjunction with the other methods of prevention. We can’t guarantee a raccoon won’t climb up your siding, and rip back into your house, because they surely will. Tree trimming tends to be more objective with squirrels, because although they are capable of climbing vinyl siding, it’s not very common. Wood siding however, they can. Climbing wood siding is as easy for any animal to climb a tree. So cutting the tree down will do little good.

Sometimes you can run into situations where there is so much overgrowth, or the trees are so large, that attempting to trim or remove the branches would be futile. In situations where there is a branch here, and a branch there, then sure by all means those branches should be cut down. Anything beyond that will require the assistance from a professional who specializes in tree removal.

Last but not least, another scenario where tree trimming is pointless is when there are already overhanging power lines or other obstructions. Animals could easily use these kinds of things in place of your trees. So it’s not always a must-do thing for us.