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About Wildlife Pheromones, AKA Wildlife Scent 

Pheromones & Attic Restoration – Why Pheromones (Or Scent) Can Attract More Animals To Your Attic

It’s pretty obvious that hiring a company for attic restoration is a good idea if you have hazardous critter droppings in your attic. However, not many people actually know why getting an attic restoration done can also serve the purpose of protecting their home from future pest animals as well. When animals are in your attic, they leave something behind called pheromones. Pheromones are scents which will trigger certain instincts of an animal and result in some kind of behavioral action. For example, if a female raccoon in heat was inside your attic and removed over a month ago, a male raccoon passing through the area might rip a big hole in your roof! The pheromones triggered the urge to mate for the male.

How Pheromones Work – A Human Case Study Example

There are many different behaviors and emotions aside from mating that pheromones can induce, and that is exactly why there are a lot of scenarios where you might have more animals busting into your attic, just because of that fact. Pheromones affect all mammals, even us humans! An interesting article we read was about a case study that was experimenting on human pheromones; where a number of men were blindfolded, and an open sample of women’s tears were held under the men’s noses for 30 minutes. The result was a rapid reduction in the production of testosterone in the men. While the men were not conscious of what was being held under their noses, their bodies knew exactly what it was; and you can imagine why women’s tears would be a downer for the men! Hopefully this helps people with understanding how pheromones work, they are just bad news to have in your attic!

In conclusion of the pheromones, It’s a good idea to remove the insulation from your attic after pest infestation, not just because of the hazardous droppings that animals leave behind, but also because of pheromones. Some situations carry more risk of animals getting into your attic than others, but regardless, and no matter the species of animal that was in your attic, pheromones are collected all over your insulation. Especially in situations where the invading wildlife critters had babies in the attic. That scent can potentially last for years; maybe not for us humans, but with the sense of smell these wildlife critters have, it definitely will last for them! Contact an Ohio wildlife professional for attic restoration services.

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