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About Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC – A Cleveland Wildlife Removal Company

Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC is your #1 local service provider for Cleveland wildlife removal. Our employees are thoroughly trained to handle all types of wildlife infestation in Cleveland, Ohio. Furthermore, our Cleveland wildlife removal services are guaranteed to be effective. Offering a permanent solution is what our company is all about.


List Of Cleveland Wildlife Removal Services We Offer

Cleveland Bat Removal – Cleveland Raccoon Removal – Cleveland Squirrel Removal – Cleveland Bird Removal – Cleveland Skunk Removal – Cleveland Mole Trapping – Cleveland Groundhog Removal – Cleveland Rat Removal – Cleveland Opossum Removal – Cleveland Coyote Control.


A successful humane raccoon trapping job by Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC, Cleveleand Wildlife Removal Branch.

A successful humane raccoon trapping job by Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC, and their Cleveland Wildlife Removal Branch.


Why You Should Choose Us For Cleveland Wildlife Removal

Moreover, our Cleveland wildlife removal company is licensed through the Ohio Division Of Wildlife. We also carry the proper insurance for this line of work. We are therefore legally certified to perform commercial nuisance animal removal services (for hire) to the general public in Cleveland & the rest of Ohio. In fact, the State license is more of a formality, but it’s something every company must obtain. However, pretty much anyone can go about getting that license. That said, not every wildlife control company around Cleveland will be capable providing an effective service.


Photo of Euclid Wildlife Removal worker removing flying squirrels from home.

One of our technicians removed these two flying squirrels from a customer’s attic. The nighttime antics of these little squirrels were keeping the homeowners awake at night.


Experience, Service, and Professionalism are the things that matter when choosing a company for Cleveland wildlife removal. Critter trapping and control in Cleveland is not as easy of a job as it sounds.

There is an entire industry of experts in wildlife control who are all dedicated to improving the quality of service and professionalism. In the past, there were very few standards when it came to critter trappers. But now, the industry has evolved, and standards have changed dramatically compared to the old days.


List Of Repair & Miscellaneous Services We Offer

Insulation Removal & Replacement – Wildlife Feces Cleanup – Sheet Metal Repairs – Deck Exclusion/Trenching – Vent Covers – Chimney Caps – Chimney Crown Rebuild – Restoration Of Animal Damage Using Carpentry Repairs & Original Material – Ridge-Guard Installment – Siding Replacement – Gutter Cleaning – Gutter Guards – Tree Trimming – Gap Sealing – Non-Lethal Animal Exclusion.


Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC has been providing Cleveland Wildlife Removal services for several years. We have the knowledge, experience, and latest technology to handle nuisance wildlife removal in Cleveland Ohio. Rest assured, we can get rid of these critters very quickly for you. And, the longer these animals are inside your home, the more you end up paying for repairs. So, it definitely serves you well to hire a professional. That said, I’d like to share a quote from one of my friends in the wildlife industry – which he also happens to own a business. It goes like this; if you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait until you hire an amateur! And, that is so true. But you don’t want to find out the hard way! So, take care of your home by hiring our team at Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC for Cleveland wildlife removal./p>

Brandon Johnson, Owner At Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC


Risks Of Hiring The Wrong Person For Cleveland Wildlife Removal

In conclusion, we have a lot of pride in ourselves at being the best – and offering our customers a service that will rid them of their Cleveland nuisance wildlife problem permanently. Many Cleveland wildlife removal companies only know how to provide temporary solutions – for example; trapping the animals but not sealing the point of entry. The animals will surely return to your home if you aren’t careful. That’s just another reason why Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC is your best choice when it comes to hiring a Cleveland wildlife removal service provider. Call us today!


Photo of a pair of skunks caught under a porch where they were living. Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC, and their Wildlife Removal Professionals doing what they do best.

This pair of skunks were caught under a customer’s porch where they were living. Another job well done by Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC, and their Wildlife Removal Professionals.


Inspection Of Property – Finding Root Cause Of Wildlife Infestation

In order to determine the exact cause of your wildlife problems, our technicians will perform a thorough evaluation of your residence and/or outside property. Once we discover the root cause of your wildlife problem, we will discuss what is the best course of action to resolve the problem for good. After you confirm you’d like to move forward, we can begin the process of Cleveland wildlife removal. Cleveland wildlife removal will usually involve setting up traps and/or performing full-home exclusion. In certain instances, non-lethal methods are required by law, such as issues with bats in the attic.


Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC – A Cleveland Wildlife Removal Company, uses Xclusion Pro™ roof vent pest guards that  keep raccoons, mice, birds, squirrels, stinging insects and more out of roof vents. The added benefit is damage prevention!

Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC, THE Cleveland Wildlife Removal Company, uses Xclusion Pro™ roof vent pest guards that keep raccoons, mice, birds, squirrels, stinging insects and more out of roof vents. The added benefit is damage prevention!

Cleveland, Ohio Wildlife Services

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Top 5 Wildlife Problems In Ohio


  1. Raccoons – When raccoons invade an attic space they are likely to build up large amounts urine and feces throughout the attic. Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC can provide attic cleanup when raccoons make a mess.
  2. Squirrels – Squirrels are never found far from the shelter provided by trees. They easily adapt to suburban and urban areas. Squirrels often get trapped in chimneys, and live in attics and vents.
  3. Skunks – They seldom causing damage to property other than raiding garbage or eating pet food. But, they sometimes reside under your buildings or in rock and wood piles.
  4. Bats – There are 11 species of bats that inhabit Ohio. If they get into your attic, and they do come in numbers, they can do serious damage leaving large piles of health hazard waste behind.
  5. Birds – Sparrows, starlings, and pigeons are the most troublesome of the birds found around and in homes. When these birds gather in numbers their droppings create terrible smells and damage property. Nuisance Animal Removal, LLC can help.