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Ohio Skunk Removal – The Most Qualified Skunk Trappers In Ohio State!

Skunks can pose major headaches for property owners in Ohio. These pesky critters can often find themselves attracted to the warmth and protection that your dwelling provides. However, a skunk under your home or office can quickly turn into a stinky disaster! Our Ohio skunk removal pros will take rapid action to trap and remove your furry invader. Call one of pros today, and our Ohio skunk removal experts will rush to your location, providing industry-leading relief.

Skunks are especially a nuisance between February and April each year. During this season, male skunks are actively seeking a female companion. Sometimes when a female is not ready to mate, she will reject the male counterpart. She does this by releasing her anal scent glands and unleashing a powerful and pungent smell on the entire neighborhood. Often unveiling right under your home, this can mean serious problems for your household! Our professionals can also offer skunk odor control by fogging your crawl spaces using a harmless disinfectant mist. This will not completely rid the odor, but it sure does help.

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Skunk Trapper

Ohio Skunk Removal Pros humanely remove skunks with up to date live trapping methods.

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Once we finish capturing a skunk we cover the cage which reduces the skunk’s nervousness.

About The Services Our Professionals Offer

Call the operators in your area to setup an inspection. Upon arrival, our Ohio skunk removal specialists will inspect the perimeter of your home for signs of an entry point. Once located, our professionals will get down and dirty, looking for signs of an active den. You can then expect a proven plan of action to start the skunk removal process. This typically consists of setting live cage traps which will capture the skunks when they attempt to leave their den. Or, live traps may be set up in various other ways depending on the entry point and paritulars surrounding the problem. 

If you suspect a skunk invasion, do not wait! Time is of the utmost importance when confronted with a skunk control problem. Our professional skunk exterminators provide a multi-point inspection and a satisfaction guarantee with every service. You can rest easy, knowing our experts come licensed and insured, utilizing the #1 Ohio skunk removal near me and skunk trapper methods in Ohio. Contact one of our certified professionals today for any wildlife concern you may be facing!

skunk removal near me

Our skunk removal professionals use various bait foods for trapping. These foods include canned fish, bacon, cat food, and peanut butter on bread.

Skunk Pest Control

Trapping a mother skunk and her babies living under a deck can be challenging. But our Ohio skunk removal experts know all the skunk trapping tricks.