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Have you become a victim of nuisance wildlife intruders at your residential or commercial property? You’ve come to the right place! Our Youngstown wildlife removal experts at Varment Guard Wildlife Services (VGWS) pride themselves on implementing safe, effective tactics to eradicate troublesome pests. For guaranteed Youngstown wildlife removal and trapping solutions, call our VGWS experts! Get ready to say goodbye to your unwanted wildlife problems today!

When wildlife strikes, don’t tackle these problems alone. Not only can this lead to poor results, but dangerous consequences along the way! Finding the right Youngstown animal removal company is the key to your success. Time is of the essence to prevent costly damages when nuisance wildlife has invaded your home or attic. Critters such as raccoons, bats, birds, squirrels, and other rodents will advance fast, inflicting thousands of dollars in damages if not controlled quickly. Our pros can also offer animal damage repair, as well as attic cleanup services when animals make a mess.

Our Specialties For Youngstown Animal Control & Wildlife Removal Services 

Bat Exclusion, Bat Removal, Capture Of Live Bats From House, Bat Guano Cleanup – Bird Control, Residential, And Commercial Bird Barrier Installments, Pigeon Eradication And/Or Trapping, Woodpecker Control, Sparrow And Starling Removal, Bird Nest Removal From Attics

Bird Droppings Removal And Restoration Services Due To Bird Feces Contamination – Squirrel Trapping, Flying Squirrel Removal From Attics – Raccoon Removal From Attics, Chimneys, Roofs, And Yards, Raccoon Feces Cleanup From Attic

Groundhog Trapping – Skunk Trapping From Under Decks And Patios – Trapping Moles In Yards – Capturing Animals In Yards, Such As  Coyote And Fox Trapping – Beaver Trapping, Beaver Dam Debris Removal.

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Bat Problems? We Have Your Back!

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Need To Keep Birds Away? We Know How!

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Squirrels Chewing On Your Wires?

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Opossums Getting Into Your Garbage. We Can Stop That!

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Are Raccoons Bothering Your Pets and Turning Over Garbage Cans?

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Skunks Leaving That Horrible Odor Throughout Your Property?

Inspection – Finding The Root Cause Of Wildlife Infestation

Upon arrival, our Varment Guard Wildlife Services Youngstown wildlife removal pros will conduct a multi-point inspection covering all bases of your property, including an attic inspection. First, our pros will conduct a perimeter check, looking for gaps around the exterior finish of your roofline and any exposed gaps near vents.

Next, our team heads up to your roof, looking for any possible entry points. This step is critical to ensure no roofing gaps or uncapped exhaust vents are present. Animals love to climb down these easy-access entry points. Lastly, our expert will head inside the attic, gathering further information and scanning for tell-tale signs of wildlife intrusion.

Our Youngstown, Ohio, wildlife removal experts will be able to identify the species residing within your home during this step. After curating a personalized action plan, our Youngstown wildlife removal specialists will get straight to work.

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Youngstown Attic Cleanup & Decontamination Services

Removing the nuisance wildlife is only half the battle. Attic cleanup and restoration services are essential when restoring your property to a safe environment. After cleaning the area clear of droppings and debris, our experts will inspect your insulation for contamination.

If contamination has seeped into your insulation, our team can offer to take care of this for you, offering full attic cleanup services.

To decontaminate, our professionals will lay down an enzyme-based fog in your attic using an electric atomizer. This powerful decontamination spray reaches every crevice, killing any remaining bacteria or organic growth on contact.

VGWS has you covered, providing safe attic and crawl space decontamination services in Youngstown, Ohio.

Residential & Commercial Youngstown Wildlife Removal Services

Our professionals offer tailored solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties! Larger commercial projects often require specialized preventative services, requiring the attention of a qualified professional. That’s where our pros come in!

Our team of experts has performed countless hours of hands-on training, on and off the field. At Varment Guard Wildlife Services, no job is too big or too small.

Our specialists come licensed, insured, and ready to tackle whatever wildlife throws their way!

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A VGWS attic inspection specialist

Health Concerns Associated With Wildlife Issues

Nuisance animals may introduce disease and parasites into your home, causing concern for families and business owners alike. Up to 70% of all raccoons may transmit roundworms into your attic through their droppings. If exposed, these roundworms can cause severe illness, and if left untreated, can be fatal in humans. The excretions from bats, also known as bat guano, can also be especially dangerous.

Guano is known to harbor bacteria and fungus that can cause histoplasmosis, a severe respiratory infection. These are all health concerns that you defiantly don’t want to risk! Also, as with any outdoor animals, they carry bugs in their fur, and can cause an insect infestation in your attic. Many mammals can introduce mites, ticks, fleas, and other undesired insects into your attic space. TAP insulation is the best option if insects are discovered in your attic.

Humane Wildlife Control Solutions Is What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

People who own private property are bound to experience some pest wildlife issues. After all, that’s why we can succeed in a business such as this. Upon scheduling your free inspection, you can expect a courteous and respectful individual to attend.

We know that the privacy of your home is essential to you, and we will always let you know when we’re coming ahead of time.

Your family is in good hands with Varment Guard Wildlife Services, because we genuinely care about keeping our customers safe from the threats these kinds of issues can impose. Call us now!

Photo: Bat guano in attic creates health concerns on Varment Guard Wildlife Services Youngstown Wildlife Removal page

Bat Guano In An Attic Creates Health Issues

Top 5 Pests Our Youngstown Wildlife Removal Pros Handle

  1. Raccoons – When raccoons invade an attic space they are likely to build up large amounts of urine and feces throughout the attic. Varment Guard Wildlife Services can provide attic cleanup when raccoons make a mess.
  2. Squirrels – Squirrels are never found far from the shelter provided by trees. They easily adapt to suburban and urban areas. Squirrels often get trapped in chimneys and live in attics and vents.
  3. Skunks – They seldom cause damage to property other than raiding garbage or eating pet food. But, they sometimes reside under your buildings or in rocks and woodpiles.
  4. Bats – There are 11 species of bats that inhabit Ohio. If they get into your attic and come in numbers, they can do serious damage, leaving large piles of health-hazard waste behind.
  5. Birds – Sparrows, starlings, and pigeons are the most troublesome of the birds found around and in homes. When these birds gather in numbers, their droppings create terrible smells and damage property. Varment Guard Wildlife Services can help.

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