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Bird removal can be a daunting task for Ohio property owners. Often overlooked, birds can do a considerable amount of damage to your dwelling. As birds defecate, their droppings act as an acidic conductor, wreaking havoc on your home or office. Also, when birds find their way into ventilation systems, their presence can quickly turn into a fire hazard. Our Ohio bird removal specialists have wildlife solutions to put your mind at rest. Call us today, and our professionals will come to you providing the #1 bird removal and cleanup services in Ohio.

Residential & Commercial Ohio Bird Removal Services


Pigeons are intelligent birds with exceptional navigation and hunting skills. Pigeons in Ohio feed on seeds, grains, greens, berries, fruits, and small insects. These smart flyers can travel hundreds of miles away from their roost and find their way back. However, when pigeons decide to make a home at your property, you may find yourself with consequential damages. Pigeons are known for their highly acidic droppings. We have observed structural corrosion caused by pigeons in Ohio, leading to costly repairs. Professional pigeon removal and bird control is something our professionals can handle.

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Pigeon droppings can damage your property, staining roofing shingles and car paint, as well as ravaging wood material around your home. Call our Ohio Pigeon professionals today for Residential and Commercial bird control services. 


Ohio supports the largest populations of sparrows in the United States. Sparrows are sociable birds, often traveling and nesting in packs. Conforming to urban life exceptionally well, local Ohio homeowners have seen an uptick in sparrows finding their way into suburbs and cities. However, these species are known to be aggressive and kill native eastern bluebirds to overtake their nesting site. When sparrows decide to penetrate your property, time is of the essence. Our Ohio wildlife specialists will come to you, taking rapid action to provide quality solutions.

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Sparrows and their droppings may carry pathogens that can be harmful to humans if nesting material or droppings particles are inhaled into the lungs. Sparrows are also species capable of building large nests inside of attics, which often needs to be cleaned up, sanitized, and damaged insulation removed. Contact one of our pros today for Ohio Attic Services and professional bird control.


Starlings are highly prominent throughout the buckeye state. In North America, Ohio is the top breeding location in the continent for starlings. The eastern starling lives local year-round, including the winter months in Ohio. The danger presents as they are known to camp out in vents, concerning local homeowners. Attracted by the warm air, when starlings decide to nest in ventilation outputs, a fire can arise. Acting fast can prevent these hazards from causing damage to your home or office. Our Ohio bird removal specialists understand these dangers and will move in swiftly to provide immediate action.

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Starlings damage homes and attics with their droppings and nesting building material. Our Ohio bird removal professionals can handle pest birds with ease, employing state of the art methods and knowledge to get the job done right. Call our Ohio bird removal pros today!

Birds In Vents

Birds in ventilation systems are one of the most common and dangerous causes of concern in Ohio. We often find birds in dryer vents, heating ventilation, exhaust vents, and more! This fire hazard can result in deadly and costly uncertainty. If you have discovered a nest in your commercial or residential property, we recommend acting quickly. Our experts will provide a multi-point inspection to ensure the safety of your household or employees.

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Open vents provide an ideal nesting space for many types of birds. It often allows them access into siding as well, and damages can occur due to droppings and nesting material build-up. Call our Ohio Bird Removal pros for professional services. 

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Laundry vents attract birds that want warmth for their nests. Thanks to our sponsored Columbus Bird Experts for this photo.

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