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Bird watching is the second most popular hobby in the United States, only behind gardening. This is for good reason, as birds are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. As humans, our lungs take up approximately 5% of our total body composition. In birds, this percentage is upwards of 20%. This is why birds can travel for over 200 days straight without stopping during migration. They can eat, and sleep while soaring through the sky, headed south for the winter. Although birds are beneficial for our Dayton, Ohio ecosystem, they can become a nuisance when they decide to invade your attic. Once inside, birds will enjoy the warmth and dryness that your home provides. This causes mass destruction for your stored belongings, insulation, and rafters.  If you suspect a bird has entered your home or attic in Dayton, Ohio, Barnes Wildlife Control is here to help. 

We also service Beavercreek, Kettering, West Carrollton, New Lebanon, Trotwood, Tipp City, Miamisburg, Xenia, and surrounding areas. Call us anytime to set up an inspection, and we will come to you! Barnes Wildlife Removal is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. You can count on our expert technicians to inspect your property, and quickly provide solutions for your wildlife needs. 

Sparrows, starlings, and pigeons are all common bird species found in Dayton, Ohio. Unfortunately, because these species travel in large groups, more damage is caused by their presence. Droppings from these birds are acidic by nature. After leaving their droppings behind, they quickly turn to salt and ammonia. This wrecks havoc on paint, concrete, and even support beams within your attic or crawlspace. Pigeons are known for this and will access your home through small gaps, broken soffit, and loose siding. When it comes to bird infestations, time is of the essence to further prevent expensive restorations.

One of the most overlooked hazards occurs when birds build nests. Often, birds are attracted to the warmth that your dryer vent provides, and will start the nest-building process. This could rapidly escalate into a fire hazard, as the heat from your dryer cannot escape. Additionally, nests are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, parasites, and pathogens like histoplasmosis. Because of this, droppings cleanup is imperative to ensure the safety of your home and family.

Droppings cleanup service is another service that we offer. Our trained professionals know how serious these situations can be, and will jump into action. We use industry-leading, humane relocation practices to help you and your flying friend. If you have a wildlife concern in Dayton, Ohio, call Barnes Wildlife Control today!