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Moles are one of the most destructive mammals to find on your lawn. Damage from moles can become very serious as they build an underground tunnel system costing thousands to repair. These tunnels may look like a pile of dirt from the surface. However, make no mistake that moles are chewing through your root system on the hunt for grubs, insects, and soil organisms. This root damage leads to dead grass, deep holes throughout your turf, and unexpected wildlife visitors. If you suspect a mole infestation, taking fast action can reduce repair costs and save your turf. At Advanced Wildlife Management, we use humane traps to capture and remove your pesky friends!

We also service Norwood, Finneytown, Reading, Fort Thomas, Covington, Sharonville, Montgomery, White Oak, Northbrook, and surrounding areas. Call us today to set up an inspection. Using industry-leading tactics, we provide professional mole removal and relocation services In Cincinnati, Ohio.

If moles have taken over your yard, you are likely to find white grubs nearby. Grubs will also cause large brown patches of dead turf as they feed on your root system. Combined with moles, the damage quickly becomes extensive. Current research suggests that moles only sleep around 4 hours per hunt. Moles are digging through your lawn around the clock. They have high energy reserves, allowing them to tunnel over 15 feet per hour!!

Moles in your lawn can also attract unwanted visitors. Coyotes, snakes, weasels, hawks, and owls all feed on small mammals. These predators cause further turf damage as they prey on moles in your lawn.

Eliminating moles can be a time delicate issue. We need to remove these mammals before they bring on additional harm to your root structure. The initial step we take in mole trapping is to find the active tunnels. After locating active tunnels, one of our trained professionals will strategically place spring-loaded traps throughout your lawn. We then take immediate action to capture and relocate these furry critters. Our service can spare you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in expensive turf repair.

Finding the right mole removal company is imperative. Moles are fast and can be hard to find. When weather is dry, moles burrow deeper, making them even harder to catch. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. Call Advanced Wildlife Management if you are seeking solutions to your mole problems in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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