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Bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes an hour in total darkness. These extraordinary mammals use the power of their echolocation to quickly hunt in the night. After sending out high-pitched sound waves, bats carefully wait for these waves to return. They process the information and can emulate a map of where insects and surroundings lie. Contrary to popular belief, bats are not blind. Small and sensitive eyes help bats maneuver in pitch black conditions. Along with their echolocation, bats are unstoppable insect eaters. However, when bats find themselves in your attic, you may be faced with a complex task. Bats will attempt to evade human contact at all costs. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is here to help with all of your bat removal and relocation needs in Toledo, Ohio. Call us today and we will come to you! We provide industry-leading solutions to humanely trap, relocate, and clean up your wildlife concerns. 

We also service Oregon, Perrysburg, Maumee, Sylvania, Bowling Green, Fremont, Napoleon, Fostoria, and surrounding areas. We have multiple trained technicians across the North West Ohio region. Our techs will quickly take action, and provide solutions to your wildlife concerns. 

Interestingly, bats are flexible mammals. This allows bats to squeeze through holes as small as a dime. They use their amazing flexibility to their advantage by finding cracks, or crevices within your building materials. Often ripping up isolation as they seek warmth, leading to cost extensive repairs. Plus, the hippocampus of a bat is much larger than what’s found in most other animals. Because of this, bats remember where they entered, how they entered, and how to get back inside. For you, this means returning bats, and more destruction each time. Bats will leave around dusk and begin seeking food. After a few hours of intense hunting, it’s common for bats to return to the roost and rest. Then leaving a few hours before dawn to catch their last meal.

After we remove your upside-down friend, you might find a lot left behind. Bat droppings or “Guano” can be exceptionally dangerous for humans. After coming in contact with these microscopic spores, you could be exposed to a flu-like disease called histoplasmosis. While healthy adults typically recover within a few weeks, some people may experience more serious symptoms. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is a trained team of experts that will come in and safely clean your infected area.

Finding the best bat relocation service is important. Bats in the state of Ohio are protected. We recommend taking all precautions and ensuring that you are hiring a professional and humane wildlife removal company. Using their echolocation, bats will often avoid detection from the untrained eye. Our trained technicians know exactly how to remove bats in your home or attic. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions also provides dropping cleanup services, so you can maintain a clean and safe space for your family. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is here to help with all of your wildlife concerns in Toledo, Ohio – so don’t hesitate to call!