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 Ohio is home to four different species of squirrels. In their natural environment, squirrels pose very little harm. However squirrels in your attic should be taken very seriously. You might find these furry creatures chewing on electrical wires. This can become a major hazard for a fire to start. Squirrels will not only cause significant damage to your attic, but can be a cause for health concerns as well! Squirrels quickly leave large amounts of droppings and urine behind. This can destroy items that you are storing. This odor is strong, and most droppings grow mold over time. Likewise, squirrel droppings have been known to carry salmonella. Yuck!  

If you have squirrels in your attic, don’t wait. This can cause further costly damage to your home. We use a humane trap, to capture, and remove your furry friends. We also service Beavercreek, Kettering, West Carrollton, New Lebanon, Trotwood, Tipp City, Miamisburg, Xenia, and surrounding areas. Call us anytime to set up an inspection, and we will come to you! 

There are several reasons why you might have come home to find squirrels in your attic. During mating season, attics provide squirrels the perfect amount warmth and darkness. They need these conditions to have birth and raise their babies. Mothers give birth to two to eight baby squirrels at a time. They will depend on their mother for 2 – 3 months after birth. Another problem occurs due to the fur grease that the squirrels produce. This grease has a pungent odor, that attracts other squirrels, and wildlife.

Oftentimes a raccoon will break into an attic that has a squirrel scent. This raises concern for a larger issue, as raccoons will rip up large portions of insulation. When squirrels and other wildlife find their way into your attic, its often after they have done costly roof damage.

You will likely hear a lot of scratching, and scraping noises, as squirrels find their way deeper into your home. They are on the hunt for food, and more shelter. You’ll normally hear the most movement in the early mornings, or at sunset. In the mornings, they are looking for food to fuel their day. At sunset, they are looking to nestle deeper, and find warmth. For you, this means more damaged insulation, and drywall. 

Finding the right squirrel removal company is important. Squirrels can be extremely difficult to find, and trap. This is because they are always on the move, burrowing deeper inside of your home. Our trained technicians know exactly how to trap, and remove squirrels in your home or attic.  Barnes Wildlife Control uses proven tactics for squirrel removal in Dayton, Ohio – so don’t hesitate to call!