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Raccoons are one of the most damaging pests there are. It’s not their fault though, we are the ones that took away their habitat. As a result, raccoons have adapted to urban environments almost better than any other animal. They raid garbage cans, live under our decks, and steal what food they can. Raccoons are very opportunistic critters, and they will eat practically anything and live wherever it suits them. However, when raccoons choose to invade an attic, it can become a major problem, very quickly… That is why Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is here to help people when they have raccoons in the attic in Columbus, Ohio.

We also service Dublin, Powell, Delaware, Marysville, Hilliard, Bexley, Pataskala, Blacklick, Newark, Gahanna, Westerville, Centerburg, Mt. Vernon, Mansfield, and surrounding areas. We have multiple technicians in various regions in central Ohio, which is why we are able to cover a lot of ground! Call us anytime to set up an inspection, and we will come to you! 

Raccoons in the attic is a very hazardous problem. First of all, they damage the home in order to gain entry to the attic. Damage can be severe in cases where raccoons tear a hole in the roof to get inside. They are literally capable of ripping through all layers of a roof, including the shingles, the plywood, and other materials.

Entry points raccoons damage in order to access the attic include soffits, attic vents, and gable vents. They will often use gutter spouts or overhanging trees to climb onto the roof, and from there, they find an entry point. Raccoons have extremely powerful hands, which is how they manage to cause such damage.

In order to remove raccoons in the attic, we will first set traps. Where we set the trap depends on the entry point. Generally speaking, we will be setting a trap on the roof and another trap on the ground. We sometimes set up to 4 traps. 

Raccoon droppings cleanup from the attic in Columbus, Ohio is another service we offer. Raccoon poop can be hazardous because it may contain the dreaded raccoon roundworms. Finding the right raccoon removal company is important so the raccoons can be removed as soon as possible! Buckeye Wildlife Solutions uses proven tactics for raccoon removal in Columbus, Ohio – so don’t hesitate to call!