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Moles can seriously damage your lawn in a matter of weeks. They feed on grubs, insect pests, and soil organisms within your turf. Getting rid of moles can be easier said than done. Moles dig deep holes, that look like a volcano from the surface. Most tunnels are at least 10 inches underground. This can make it extremely difficult to catch, and eradicate moles. If you have a persistent mole problem, we can help. We use a humane trap, to capture, and remove your pesky friends. 

We also service Lakewood, Parma, Independence, Maple Heights, Beachwood, Cleveland Heights, Euclid, North Olmsted, and surrounding areas. Let our expert technicians come and inspect your lawn for moles today. Call us anytime to set up an inspection, and we will come to you! 

The main reason that moles invade your yard, is to search for food. However, moles in your lawn can be a very serious problem! Moles can cause significant, costly damage to the root system of your turf. They cause damage by creating their tunnels directly through the root structure of your lawn. Along the way, they are eating beneficial organisms like earthworms, and lawn insects. Moles have extremely high levels of energy. Because of this, they are eating 24/7. Their activity occurs both during the day and night. You may see them during damp days, as they push up their mounds. It’s not uncommon for moles to eat the equivalent of 90% of their body weight in one day. Moles can tunnel over 100 feet while feeding in a day. What does this mean? Mass destruction for your lawn

Removing moles can be a very time sensitive matter. We need to remove them, before they cause further damage to your root structure. In order to remove moles, one of our trained technicians will strategically place multiple spring loaded traps. The first step we take in mole trapping, is to locate the active tunnels. Once we determine which tunnels are active, we can take quick action to trap, and remove these pesky critters. This can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in costly lawn repair!

Finding the right mole removal company is important. Moles are fast, and can be hard to find. When its dry outside, moles burrow deeper, making them even harder to catch. Nuisance Animal Removal uses proven tactics for mole removal in Cleveland, Ohio – so don’t hesitate to call! We can help! 

Areas we service around Cleveland, Ohio: Beachwood, Parma, East Cleveland, West, North & South areas of the city.