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Ohio is home to 433 species of birds. Birds are incredibly important for our ecosystem in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are excellent at dispersing seeds and pollinating flowers. This leads to greater fertilization, and in return produces more fruit. Birds also help to maintain population control within the insect family. Starlings primarily eat flies, grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars, snails, spiders, earthworms, and other small insects. When these species find themselves in your attic, this can be a serious problem. You will likely be able to identify a trapped bird, by listening for scratching and chirping noises. Not only is this a nuisance, but can become a hazardous situation as well. If birds have found their way inside your home or attic in Cincinnati, Ohio, call us today. We will immediately evaluate the situation, and start looking for an entry point. Our trained technician will strategically place humane traps, and relocate your feathered friend before more damage is caused.

We also service Norwood, Finneytown, Reading, Fort Thomas, Covington, Sharonville, Montgomery, White Oak, Northbrook, and surrounding areas. Call us today, to set up an inspection. Here at Varment Guard Wildlife Services, we provide professional bird removal and relocation services In Cincinnati, Ohio.

In addition to causing a nuisance, sparrows and starlings can build large nests within your attic. This dry nesting material can quickly become a fire hazard. Another fire hazard occurs when nests are established in dryer vents or stove exhaust fans. This can cause a build-up of heat, potentially resulting in a fire. This is why if you suspect a trapped bird, or nest, its imperative that you take quick action. Furthermore, birds will ruin insolation by pecking and defecating large amounts. Pigeons can also cause issues for commercial buildings with their droppings. When pigeons have access to roof spaces, they can damage insulation in a short period. Additionally, their droppings rapidly turn into salt and ammonia; which starts eroding paint, concrete, and metal. Pigeons droppings can also spread a fungus infection known as candidiasis. This is why we recommend calling a professional wildlife management company to provide droppings cleanup services.

Finding the right bird removal company is important. Birds can be extremely difficult to find and trap. Our trained technicians know exactly how to trap and remove birds from your home or attic. Varment Guard Wildlife Services uses proven tactics for bird removal, and dropping cleanup services in Cincinnati, Ohio – so don’t hesitate to call!


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