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Cincinnati, Ohio is home to 11 species of bats. Most of these bats are nocturnal and feed on insects. As scary as bats may appear, they are quite shy about human interaction. Often, bats live near humans without ever being detected. This is because bats have a strong sense called echolocation. Bats use echolocation to emit a soundwave that quickly travels back to them, by bouncing off walls of their surroundings. The majority of bat echolocation occurs beyond the range of human hearing. This is why we may not detect a bat in our presence. Bats use this skill to navigate and hunt for nearby insects. However, when a bat becomes trapped in your attic, this extraordinary skill works against us. If you suspect bat activity in your attic in Cincinnati, Ohio, call a wildlife professional. Varment Guard Wildlife Services uses proven tactics, to humanely remove and relocate your winged friend. Call us today for an inspection and we will come to you.

We also service Norwood, Finneytown, Reading, Fort Thomas, Covington, Sharonville, Montgomery, White Oak, Northbrook, and surrounding areas. Call us today, to set up an inspection. Here at Varment Guard Wildlife Services, we provide professional bat removal and relocation services In Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bats are the only true mammal in the world that can fly. With this ability, bats can find themselves landing in your attic. In some cases, this is by accident, as limited food sources exist in your home. Although sometimes bats can be attracted by the warmth that your home provides. Bats in your attic can quickly become a stinky nuisance. Ammonia from bat urine emits a very strong odor, that resembles a dirty litter box. This is a huge sign, that you may have a bat infestation. Often you can also hear fluttering, scratching, or scraping noises as bats wake up, or go back into their roost. These sounds are normally heard during dusk or dawn. Bats have been known to destroy insulation while looking for a warm area to roost. This is why it’s essential to call a group of trained wildlife experts, that will rapidly evaluate your situation. Varment Guard Wildlife Services assesses each case to build a customized game plan, and provide instant solutions for your wildlife concerns.

Bat droppings are commonly known as, Guano. Guano can be exceptionally dangerous for humans. Guano can be a host of microscopic fungal spores, bacteria, and airborne contaminants. Varment Guard Wildlife Services is a trained team of experts that will come in and safely clean your infected areas.

Finding the right bat removal company is imperative. Bats can be extraordinarily difficult to find and trap. This is because they are often well-hidden, in the darkness of your attic. Using their echolocation, bats can often avoid detection from the untrained eye. Our trained technicians know exactly how to trap and remove bats in your home or attic.  Varment Guard Wildlife Services uses proven industry-leading tactics for bat removal in Cincinnati, Ohio – so don’t hesitate to call!


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