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Solving Bat Problems For Homeowners In Marysville and Delaware, Ohio


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Bats can become a major problem when they get in your attic or chimney in Marysville and Delaware, Ohio. The most common bat species we deal with in Marysville and Delaware are big brown bats. If you have a larger group of bats in your attic, it would be what’s known as a maternity colony. These are groups of bats that are female only. A maternity colony may decide to take shelter in your home to birth their pups in late springtime. The baby bats will be born sometime between late May and early June.

Until the baby bats are able to fly, which won’t be until mid-August, this is a blackout period for bat removal services. Unless it can be determined with absolute confidence there are no baby bats inside the building, by law, bats cannot be removed from a home between late May until the middle of August. It may sound unsettling as a homeowner because bats will be causing damage to your attic during this time. But you must understand, bat problems do not always have a one-and-done solution. Multiple trips are sometimes required to get the full extent of the work done, especially if you live in an older home with a lot of open gaps. 

The bat removal process, in a nutshell, consists of hanging one-way bat exclusion devices over the primary entry points. These devices will allow the bats to come outside, but not back inside. Once this is done, the rest of the building needs to be sealed up completely. This is to guarantee no bats can get through our work. That said, even the most experienced wildlife companies can have problems with bat jobs at times. Even if one little crack is not sealed on the home, the bats will likely be able to find another way inside the attic. This is why guaranteed work is essential in choosing the right bat removal company in Marysville or Delaware Ohio.