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Skunks often cause a nuisance to homeowners because of their potent skunk spray. Somewhere down the line, we’ve all smelled it! That horrible aroma is something our Columbus skunk removal professionals can offer to take care of for you! Using effective skunk trapping techniques, our professionals can offer fast skunk removal services.

Our Columbus skunk removal professionals are highly trained to offer an effective service. We highly recommend giving Buckeye Wildlife Solutions a call today for all of your skunk removal needs. Odor control is another service our professionals at BWS are capable to offer in Franklin County, Ohio. Call them today to utilize their professional skunk trapper services! 

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Our Skunk Removal Professionals Employ Safe And Humane Measures Of Nuisance Skunk Control. Call Today!

Our Columbus Skunk Professionals can also offers the service of skunk exclusion. Animal barriers can be installed around areas where skunks and other creatures could build a den around your home. These potential areas include decks, patios, and porches. The barrier installation comes with a guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction. The barriers our pros use will also protect your property from other invading wildlife as well, by making the areas inaccessible to unwanted nuisance wildlife. Through the process of cutting out think strips of wiring, we can install this around the edge of an area and then bury the wire underground, unnoticeable to the human eye, however very effective to keep nuisance animals from accessing your residences. 

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Skunk Removal From Your Residential Property Is Our Specialty. Call BWS Today!

Our Professionals can offer Columbus skunk removal services at any time of the year! Skunks remain active during the winter and can often cause problems even in the cold months of February and March, which are the highlight months of skunk mating season. Female skunks will be on the search for a new den, and this often lands them under your deck or another area around your residential property. Our Columbus skunk removal pros can handle issues like that in a jiffy! Call our professional skunk trappers today for expert skunk control services. 

Skunks also fall into homeowners window wells every now and then and cannot climb back out due to the fact that skunks are terrible climbers. It is a good idea to get these areas covered so the problem does not re-occur. Call our recommended Columbus skunk trapper today for all your skunk eradication needs!