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Removing rodents is a service our recommended pros at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can offer to homeowners and businesses across central Ohio. Mice and Rats can enter your home practically anywhere. Our pros know exactly how to identify and resolve nuisance rodent problems. Call for Guaranteed Columbus Rodent Removal Today!

You don't want to find a mouse in your food, do you?

Mice Can Cause Major Damage To Your Attic Insulation. Call Our Columbus Attic Experts If You Need New Insulation! 

To provide a complete rodent control program, our Columbus rodent removal experts may install professional bait stations on the outside of your home. In order to prevent mice, rats, and other nuisance rodent problems from damaging your home, our professionals may perform a “rodent exclusion” around the foundation and/or roofline of your home, depending on where the access points are. Call today to setup a professional inspection of your property, and our recommended Columbus rodent removal pros will present a plan of action to make your home rodent-free! 

Rats can be a real problem in some areas of Ohio.

Rats are a highly intelligent species of rodents and can be tricky to handle for those who are inexperienced in Columbus rodent removal. Not to worry! The professionals at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions are ready to help. Give them a call today!