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Do you have unwanted raccoons living in your attic? Contact Buckeye Wildlife Solutions for professional raccoon removal services. When raccoons get into your attic they can potentially cause thousands of dollars worth of damage if the problem is left unaddressed. It’s important to remove the raccoons quickly for that very reason. Our recommended pros at BWS have the experience to provide Columbus raccoon removal and raccoon cleanup in all of Franklin County, Ohio.

About Our Columbus Raccoon Removal Pros

Raccoons are everywhere, which is why they can sometimes become a problem. This company has operators/employees that are fully equipped to offer Columbus raccoon removal. The methods our service provider employs are professional and time-effective. There is no issue too big or small for our affiliates at BWS to handle. Call them now!

Columbus Raccoon Removal

Horrible Vent Damage Caused By A Raccoon

Attic Restoration After Raccoon Damage

Our Columbus attic professionals can also provide attic services when raccoons make a mess of things in your attic. Attic restoration is a very common service regarding raccoon damage. When inside the attic, raccoons will burrow through your insulation and create bathroom areas where the raccoon waste and urine will contaminate insulation. Raccoons in the attic will also leave behind pheromones, which is just a fancy word for raccoon scent. Even if the raccoons have been removed, the pheromones will still remain if the attic is not cleaned out. This creates the potential for more raccoons to be attracted to your house in the future. The solution to this issue is fogging the attic with a decontamination mist, which is done after the soiled insulation is removed. 

Siding damage caused by a raccoon

Siding damage caused by a raccoon

Solving Raccoon Problems – Professional Raccoon Removal Near Me In Ohio.

If you are experiencing a raccoon problem in Columbus, you are probably aware of the disturbances they cause. Not only do raccoons rip open a primary entry point to get into your attic, but once the raccoons have established a den site in the attic, they are likely to cause even more damage to your roof. Raccoons just can’t seem to help themselves, they are constantly ripping things apart and dragging this material back into the attic. They will even start ripping shingles off the house, and we have also found that raccoons will like to create additional entry points into the attic. The damage will only multiply over time, which is why it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. No matter what kind of damages raccoons may cause, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can offer services to repair the damage. If raccoons caused it, BWS can solve it!