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Ohio Wildlife Control Services Directory

Every company listed in the Ohio Wildlife Control Directory Service is licensed through the State Of Ohio by the Ohio Division Of Wildlife. You will not be disappointed with our operators. These wildlife control businesses are the best you will find in Ohio.

You can locate an Ohio wildlife professional in your area – simply select your location in our drop-down list of cities and contact the company in your area directly. You will not be forwarded to any call centers, we put you in touch with the company owners directly. 

Cities Serviced By Our Ohio Wildlife Removal Companies

The Ohio Wildlife Control Team, Advanced Wildlife Management, Barnes Wildlife Control, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions and Nuisance Animal Solutions, Take Pride In A Job Well Done

Our four Wildlife Pest Control Companies are THE best in the business. All have reputations for top-notch customer service because they get their jobs done effectively, in a timely fashion, while honestly pricing jobs and only doing what is necessary. And don’t forget each company is fully licensed, insured and bonded!

About Our Team At Ohio Wildlife Control

Setting The Standard For Quality Wildlife Control In The Buckeye State

Using the latest strategies of pest management, the companies listed on this website have nothing to offer but the best. Our Ohio wildlife removal companies offer quick & effective wildlife removal solutions, which is the kind of action these issues require. Our companies handle anything wildlife-related, from raccoons and squirrels to moles and groundhogs, and even insects such as fleas, termites, flies, cockroaches, carpenter ants, carpet beetles, and more!

Call the company located in your area to set up a detailed inspection of your home. Our professionals will be able to identify the species of pest invading your property as well as determining the best course of action to resolve the infestation. Hiring a true professional is the best decision you can make when dealing with a nuisance wildlife problem. The services offered by our companies are not without cost, but they do serve to keep your property from becoming more damaged by the pests, which, in the end, also costs money. Surely, having the problem addressed quickly will have saved you money in the end. 

Contact An Ohio Wildlife Control Company In Your Region

Advanced Wildlife Management

Advanced Wildlife Management

Serving the Cincinnati Area

Cincinnati Line: (513) 540-3915

Barnes Wildlife Control

Barnes Wildlife Control

Serving Montgomery County, Ohio

Dayton Line: (937) 606-3166

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions

Serving the Columbus, Mansfield, And Toledo Area 

Columbus Line: (614) 412-1922

Toledo Line: (419) 272-6894

Nuisance Animal Removal

Nusiance Wildlife Solutions

Serving the Akron, Cleveland Area

Akron-Cleveland Line: (216) 208-4863