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Our Mentor raccoon removal professionals provide fast and effective Mentor raccoon control services. Having a raccoon problem in your home or office can be very stressful. Prior to experiencing a raccoon infestation, you might think of raccoons as these cute little fuzzy animals that don’t cause problems for anyone. After you experience these issues, your perspective will probably change! That being said, our professionals are trained to handle raccoon problems with the clients needs in mind. Give our experts a call today to discuss your raccoon problem, and our affiliate technicians will develop a strategy to combat the issue quickly and humanely.  

Get Rid Of Raccoons

Our Mentor raccoon removal professionals offer humane and effective live cage trapping techniques. After the raccoons have been removed, our pros may also offer attic cleanup and raccoon damage repair. Call today!

Nuisance Concerns For Mentor Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are known to be one of the loudest pests when they invade an attic space. And, on top of that, with raccoons dwelling in your attic, your home is at real risk of severe contamination caused by these pests. Raccoon feces and urine absorbing into your insulation can cause bad odors and severe contamination of your attic insulation. Furthermore, some instances require drywall replacement services – often stains from urine can leak through the ceiling. Once the raccoons are captured, our experts can move forward with the cleanup and decontamination process. Our pros are highly skilled in restoring sanitary conditions to your home or office.

A Mentor Raccoon Removal tech humanely trapped this mother raccoon and her kits

Raccoon problems tend to be more frequent in the springtime months. This is mainly due to female raccoons searching for a place to give birth, and often with urban environments, such as in Mentor, this can lead to a batch of newly born raccoons inside your attic. Call our experts today if you hear a sort of “chattering” sound in your attic – it’s probably a litter of baby raccoons!

Common Sign Of Raccoon Problems In Your Mentor Home

The sound of baby raccoons crying is unmistakable to the trained ear. But, it basically sounds like a loud chattering noise if you don’t already know. Some may consider the noise highly disturbing after a while due to the loud sound. This is why many people may lose sleep during raccoon infestation, which can be very frustrating.

Another symptom of raccoon infestation includes loud thumping in the attic, which is sometimes thanks to adult raccoons having a wrestling match with each other. This may also be due to raccoons burrowing through your home’s insulation. Raccoons are also known to climb down into a wall cavity to nest.

Severe Damages Raccoons Cause To Your Mentor Home

The number 1 issue of Mentor raccoon infestation is the damage they inflict to your home. Often, raccoons will rip large and unsightly holes in your roofline or soffit vents. If left untreated, the raccoons will make your home look like it got hit by a tornado, inflicting thousands of dollars in damage to your home and attic over time. That is why you should not hesitate to contact our Mentor raccoon removal professionals!

Mentor Raccoon Removal wants you to know that Raccoons can cause considerable damage. In this instance, some damage was done to the side of the roof by a raccoon that made it into the attic.

Our Mentor raccoon removal professionals encounter all kinds of damages caused by raccoons to access an attic space. These damages may include roofing damage. Our experts are able to repair these areas for you.

Raccoon Feces – Raccoon Poop Cleanup & Attic Remediation Services

Aside from outside damages, raccoon feces and urine contamination in the attic is concerning. See, raccoons love to eat, and dumpster diving is their specialty. Mentor has an endless supply of goodies people have thrown away in the trash. As a result, raccoons will need to use the bathroom quite often. However, they won’t actually use the bathroom. Instead, raccoons will use a corner in your attic as a toilet. This can cause severe damage.

Raccoons left a trail of feces along this client's roof. Fortunately, GO Green Pest Control was able to eliminate this raccoon issue. Choose Mentor Raccoon Removal Today!

Raccoon feces can be found in many different places when dealing with a raccoon infestation. Raccoon feces is known to carry many diseases and parasites which can be harmful to human health. Our Mentor raccoon removal pros can offer raccoon feces cleanup decontamination of your property.

Raccoons In The Chimney Removal Services

The chimney is the second most common area in a home to encounter raccoon infestation. Using their very dexterous hands, they are able to climb up and down a chimney with ease. If you hear someone coming down the chimney on Christmas eve, it might be one of these masked bandits coming to eat the cookies you left out for Santa! While that may not always be the case, our Mentor raccoon removal experts can offer to take care of these issues quickly. 

These poor raccoons got caught in this chimney of a client’s home. GO Green Pest Control and their Mentor Raccoon Removal Branch humanely rescued these little guys. Problems solved!

These raccoons were found to be living in a client’s chimney. Raccoons are excellent climbers, and it’s no problem for them to shimmy up and down a chimney such as this. Our experts carry live cage traps that can be custom fitted over a chimney in order to capture the raccoons when they exit. 

Top 5 Services Our Mentor Raccoon Removal Pros Offer

  1. Removing Raccoons In The Attic – Raccoons can cause loud disturbances in your home when they invade the attic area. Often, they will burrow through your insulation and cause all kinds of problems, both inside and outside your residence. Feces and urine contamination is the main concern when dealing with raccoons in an attic.
  2. Raccoon Damage Repair – Oftentimes raccoons will create large entry holes in your roofline or soffits in order to access your attic space. Once the raccoons have been successfully trapped and removed from your property, our Mentor raccoon trappers can offer to repair these damages, like they never happened!
  3. Raccoons In The Chimney – Raccoons commonly invade the chimney area. This is generally due to an open flu in the chimney. Our professionals can remove the raccoons and install professional chimney caps to prevent raccoons and other nuisance wildlife from entering your chimney. 
  4. Raccoon Feces Cleanup – Raccoons may cause unsanitary conditions in your home or office when they leave droppings and urine in your attic. The insulation will absorb feces and urine material. In these situations, our Mentor raccoon removal experts can offer full attic restoration and insulation removal services. 
  5. Raccoons In The House – The hot summer seasons can drive raccoons to come down from an attic into living areas. There may also be an exposed doggy-door where raccoons have entered the home in attempt to steal dog or cat food. Our pros can offer live in-person removal of a loose raccoon inside your house.