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Squirrel problems can be identified by identifying clear squirrel damage on the outside of the home, and also the nature of damages caused in the attic. Squirrels are able to access an attic by chewing large holes directly through the wood roofing material, as well as through vents. Our squirrel trappers have even encountered instances where squirrels have chewed directly through aluminum flashing. The longer squirrels are inside of an attic, the more damage they will cause. Our Columbus squirrel removal professionals may also offer attic cleanup services in scenarios where squirrels have made a mess of your attic. Squirrel problems around Columbus, Ohio are most common in spring, summer, & fall, but squirrels are commonly active all year round, so it’s not uncommon for squirrels to invade your home during the wintertime as well!

Upon inspection, our Columbus squirrel removal professionals will formulate a strategy to remove the nuisance squirrels invading your property. You don’t want to be paying extra for squirrels not causing a problem, so our Columbus squirrel trappers will set traps closest to the point of entry, and so we are only capturing the squirrels causing the direct problem. Our Columbus squirrel removal professionals also carry custom made squirrel traps which can be installed with screws over the entry point where the squirrels are traveling. These kinds of traps can capture multiple squirrels at once.

Horrible vent damage made by a raccoon

Home damage made by a squirrel

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Squirrels are often able to access an attic when they are able to access your roof from overhanging tree limbs. Our recommended professionals for Columbus squirrel removal may offer tree trimming services in order to lower the odds of squirrels getting onto your roof to begin with. After trapping is completed, our Columbus squirrel removal team can offer animal damage repairs, attic cleanup, and more to keep nuisance wildlife out of your home! Squirrels in the attic is not a pleasant experience, so call our squirrel pest control experts today for Guaranteed Squirrel Removal Services!

Caged grey squirrel

Caged grey squirrel

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