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Bat removal is a service we provide to homeowners and businesses across central Ohio in the cites of Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Marysville, Columbus, Westerville, Plain City, Lewis Center, and Delaware Ohio.

When a bat invades the inside of your home it is usually just through an open window or exposed chimney. Wildlife problems arise in the spring time and especially related to bat removal from residential homes where the bats have invaded the attics.

A bat in a clients attic

A bat in a clients attic

Bats invade the attic commonly through a tiny gap that is existing on the home. If there are bats in the attic, we can exclude them using one-way bat exclusion tubes that are proven to work. During the exclusion tube installation process, we also seal up around the house where any potential entry points are for the bats. This is extensive work and it must be very detail oriented and a high focus level to get the bat removal job done right.

It is illegal to kill a bat in Ohio with the exception of testing the bat for rabies after it has come into contact with humans. Human exposure to a bat can be serious and life threatening because a small number of bats do carry rabies. If you have been bitten by a bat, you must go to the doctors office and be examined. They will most likely give you preventative rabies shots just in case the bat you came into contact with had rabies.


Another bat caught and released.

Another bat caught and released.