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Our Columbus bat removal experts deal with bat problems in Franklin, Union, Licking, Delaware, Richland, & Morrow Ohio counties on a consistent basis. Bats are protected on a State and Federal level. Bats are the best natural pest control in the world for mosquitos, making them extremely important in our ecosystems!


A bat in a clients attic

A Few Bats We Found In A Home In Columbus, Ohio

The service we provide for bat control is one of the best quality services offered around the Ohio cities of Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, Marysville, Delaware, & The rest of Greater Columbus Ohio. Bat Removal is a specialty process and must be done with great caution not to seal that bats inside the residence. Experience is key, and getting rid of bats is something which is not very easy to do. Even the most seasoned professionals in bat removal Columbus Ohio may experience difficulty on a bat removal service. However, our team takes pride in a 95% success rate the first attempt for bat removal Columbus Ohio.

Detail oriented sealup work is essential in keeping the bats out of the attic in Columbus Ohio for good. When we do a bat exclusion job in Columbus we first seal all the areas around the house to ensure the bats cannot get back inside. The bats can easily find other areas utilizing their ecolocation to listen for drafts coming out of gaps on a building. This is how the bats find these entrances initially. Once all potential entry points are sealed, we then put up our exclusion valves, allowing the bats to fly out of the residence unharmed. After they return from a night of foraging, the bats will attempt to re-enter around the area with the exclusion tubes. Once they fail to get back in, they will circle the structure listening for drafts coming from any crevice they can access. We control and remove bats at high success rates due to the thorough sealing and exclusion work we do. Bat Removal in Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, Upper Arlington, Delaware, Marysville, and surrounding areas is the best bat removal in Franklin County and greater Columbus Ohio.

Bat removal in Columbus Ohio must be done without sealing the bats inside the home. This is possible when you hire an untrained person to perfrom bat removal. They may attempt to block the entry point and then wait for the bats to leave. Unfortunately for them, bat removal is not so simple. If you block the entry point the bats will go down into the walls, and end up inside the residence. You don’t want that now, do you? That is why you should hire our experienced bat removal team of Columbus, Ohio here at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions.


Another bat caught and released.

Another bat caught and released.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is your reliable bat removal and exclusion service in Columbus, Ohio. We strive to alleviate our clients of their bat problem quickly and humanely. Our company is against the use of techniques that are both hazardous to the well-being of our clients and cruel to the bats. Utilizing effective methods of bat exclusion is how we keep our customers and the bats protected. 

We work diligently and put forth great effort into finding every bat dwelling within your residence, and sealing bat entrances with high-grade caulking to keep you from experiencing future bat invasion. All bat removal services in Columbus, Ohio come with a written warranty/guarantee. 

Indicators Of A Bat Problem

Having bats inside the house on a consistent basis, hearing bats screeching / chirping in the attic around dawn & dusk, and locating bat guano from the exterior, typically stuck to the siding above the bat entry point. Bats choose to take refuge in the upper levels of a home, which is why so many people experience bat infestation in their attics in Columbus, Ohio. Bats hunt after dusk and you will sometimes hear them chattering before they exit the home. You can detect bats roosting in your home if you hear these noises around those darker hours of twilight. Another sign of a bat problem is the overwhelming smell of their guano and the way it looks. Bat guano strongly resembles rodent pellets, differing by containing the remains of insects, which makes the bat guano appear partly shiny with a smooth looking texture. 

Numerous people struggle with bats sneaking into their homes, attics, and chimneys every year around Columbus, Dublin, Marysville, Delaware, Powell, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Upper Arlington, & the rest of Franklin County, facing the grievance of the hazards these animals cause to their property. Handling the removal of bats on your own can be dangerous. Oftentimes people will attempt to handle the situation themselves, putting themselves in danger of being infected with diseases, closing up entrances and trapping bats within their attic, and falling off ladders trying to reach spots that need sealed. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions uses heavier equipment to access these tough to reach areas.

It is a much safer process for us to attempt Columbus Ohio bat removal rather than an in-experienced homeowner. Bats sometimes come into contact with people and these animals have a chance of carrying the highly fatal rabies virus and other diseases.

We are experts at what we do, and want you to consult us so we can remove them for your own safety. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today for the best bat removal service in Columbus Ohio.


A bat in a cellar

A bat in a cellar

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions takes different steps in aiding clients when it comes to bat intrusions. This extensive process includes meticulously searching for every potential bat entrance, capturing bats that have accesses living quarters, removing them, and relocating them. The sealing up / exclusion process is very detail oriented. We move on to the exclusion part of helping customers rid the bats from the attic once removing bats and sealing areas on the inside of the residence has been completed. Bats can effortlessly enter homes, capable of entering through holes of around an inch or larger. They invade homes by finding these openings, windows, open doors, or openings in roofs and various other places. We know where to look for bat entrances, and they are commonly around the dormers, under chimney flashing, feca boards, and drip edge’s. Bat Removal is our specialty around the OH cities of Dublin, Marysville, Delaware, Greater Columbus Ohio, Powell OH, Hilliard OH, Lewis Center OH, Westerville OH, Worthington OH, Reynolds-burg OH, Union County OH, Delaware County OH, Marion County, Licking County, North Lewisburg, Bexley OH, Pataskala OH, Brice OH, Marion OH, East Side Columbus, Ohio State University Area, & The Rest Of The Surrounding Areas Of Greater Columbus Ohio For The Control And Removal Of Nuisance Bats, The Best Bat Removal Services In Columbus.

The final step is the bat guano clean up / attic remediation procedure. Our companies technicians find every area that is contaminated by bat waste and also providing the service to remove bat fecal matter – guano. We then employ the use of deodorization solutions and disinfectants. Disinfectants remove the threat of bacterial growth. Histoplasmosis can be an effect if bat waste particles are inhaled by a person. Symptoms include common cold symptoms and rarely develops into something more serious. People with weak immune systems are at far greater risk of developing serious side effects. The final and most crucial part of the cleanup procedure is sanitation for the obliteration of germs, thus making once contaminated areas completely safe and no longer a threat to your health.

Contact us if you suspect bats are living in your home. We understand how stressful it can be when bats break into homes. We’re a call away, ready to help you. We guarantee you we remove every bat, prevent reoccupation, repair the damage they’ve done to your residence, and clean their mess.


Some common questions customers ask are:

Question: What is the process of bat exclusion and how are the bats permanently removed?
Answer: There are one way exclusion valves or netting installed. The house is then completely sealed. The Bats will be able to fly out but not back in. It is important to seal all existing gaps on the roof of a house infested with bats. The importance is stressed because without a complete seal up, no warranty will be provided due to the likelihood bats will re-infest the structure utilizing these areas.
Question: Why is it important to seal the entire house instead of just the main areas for bats?
Answer: There are one way exclusion valves or netting installed. The house is then completely sealed. The Bats will be able to fly out but not back in. It is important to seal all existing gaps on the roof of a house infested with bats. The importance is stressed because without a complete seal up, no warranty will be provided due to the likelihood bats will re-infest the structure utilizing these areas.
Question: What can be done about the waste left behind by the bats?
Answer: Buckeye Wildlife Solutions offers waste removal services to Central Ohio cities including Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Delaware, Marysville, & the rest of Greater Columbus. It is determined wether or not clients need a simple clean up, or an entire attic remediation due to bat guano piling up inside of the attic. Large bat colonies infesting a structure will most likely need a complete service of remediating the animal waste and replacing the old insulation with new.


More Info on Bats:

An important factor to consider before you hire a wildlife removal business to do a bat job is how detailed of a seal up job they do on the house prior to the bats flying out of the bat tubes. Without a proper seal up the bat exclusion itself would be a waste of time because bats can very easily find a way to get back inside. We at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions use exclusion materials that are meant to last and we provide you with a thorough service by checking all potential areas the bats would be able to re-enter and we seal those areas up using high quality bat removal materials. Knowing where to look is key in finding these small and hard to detect holes leading into your attic. We have the experience and tools to do the job right. Bat removal jobs come with a warranty to protect you from a future infestation. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today for bat removal services in Columbus, OH.