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Columbus Attic Cleanup & Decontamination

Insulation Removal, Attic Sanitation, & Improved R-Value

Do you need to have your attic cleaned out for any reason? Call our Columbus attic decontamination provider. Our professional affiliates handle anything relating to attic damage and new insulation, including full attic restoration and animal waste removal in Franklin County, Ohio. Our specialized equipment gets attic restoration jobs done very quickly and professionally. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Attic Cleanup and Decontamination

Our Columbus Attic Cleanup Pros Are the best in the business. Also offering Wildlife Removal In Columbus, Ohio.


If you’ve had animals in your residence, they likely left some unwanted material behind. Our Columbus attic cleanup and decontamination experts can identify the problem in your attic and solve it quickly, especially in situations with nuisance wildlife invading your attic. We always insulate up to state code, and also offer an exclusive insulation product known as TAP Insulation. TAP stands for Thermal, Acoustical, and Pest Control insulation. It eliminates insects from living in your attic, including spiders, silverfish, and other bugs. TAP does not work for wildlife, but our wildlife professionals already have you covered on that aspect.

We can critter-proof your home to eliminate wildlife concerns, and then install new TAP insulation to prevent bug problems. It’s an all-in-one package! Most Columbus insulation companies do not offer TAP insulation, because you need a pest control license in order to install this specific product. Another advantage of using us! 

Homeowners Insurance Coverage For Attic Restoration

Our attic cleanup pros often recommend the homeowner contact their insurance to deal with attic restoration. Many times insurance will cover the process and save the homeowner a bank load of money. Insurance may or may not cover the job depending on many factors. Generally speaking, it’s better to pay your deductible rather than paying out of pocket, depending on how much the process will cost. Continue reading to view information concerning attic restoration costs below. 

Cost Of Attic Cleanup Services In Columbus, Ohio

Attic restoration pricing is determined from examining damages in your attic. Cost is generally calculated by the square footage of the attic, priced by the square foot to remove & replace damaged insulation. These factors include depth of insulation, accessibility of the attic, amount of droppings covering the attic, and other things. Contact our Columbus attic decontamination professionals for a quote on attic restoration. We believe in honest and quality workmanship practices at an affordable rate.

Wildlife Droppings Removal

Wildlife Feces Removal, Contaminated Insulation Removal, Sanitation, & Insulation Replacement.

Animal waste clean up, and guano removal is a typical service we provide to homeowners, commercial buildings, churches, and other structures around Columbus, Ohio. Many different types of bacteria can develop in animal feces that can be very threatening to human health. Bat guano & Bird waste can cause a disease known as histoplasmosis. Raccoon and other animal waste commonly carry roundworm eggs, which can cause blindness and Parkinson’s disease. Clean up, and remediation demands wearing proper PPE safety equipment. PPE ensures we can get the job done without putting ourselves into harm’s way. Also, homeowners should not inspect their attic; it’s just not a safe thing to do.

Attic Restoration / Attic Cleanup Process

The first step in the attic remediation process is to remove any contaminated insulation which may carry bacteria & hazardous animal feces. After we suck everything out of the attic, we then sanitize which get rid of foul odors. After that procedure, we follow up by installing new insulation. The process generally takes a full day with a medium-sized home. Considering the quantity of insulation removed, the industry considers this one day service above industry standards. Plus, we do the job correctly the first time!

Bathroom Fan Vents 

If you have an animal infestation in your attic, especially raccoons, you may want to consider not running your bathroom fan vent (such as the one you would turn on for a shower) because raccoons will tear open the air ducts to these vents if they run through the attic, causing insulation particles that carry the bacteria to come through the vent and into living quarters. You do not want to take any chances and somehow breath that material into your lungs, so that is a small bit of advice we give.